• Cooperative Strategies

    Idaho Falls School District 91 is developing a 10-year Master Facilities Plan that will help guide future decisions about how to update and improve our school buildingsIdeas being developed include closing schools, new construction, renovations, and boundary changes. Stay up to date on all the work that's been done.

PSAT SATCollege Board and Khan Academy® have partnered to provide personalized practice for the SAT/PSAT. To receive a personalized study plan, students must simply connect their College Board account to their Khan Academy. Here are the step-by-step instructions:  


o   Go to satpractice.org to create a Khan Academy account or sign into an existing account.

o   Choose to link your Khan Academy account to your PSAT results.

o   Create a College Board account or sign into your existing College Board account and click “send” to send your scores and link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts.