• Cooperative Strategies

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Kindergarten: Picture Perfect Science by National Science Teachers Association Press.  

The program is aligned to the new Idaho Science Content Standards and features science lessons designed to help Kindergarten teachers integrate science and reading in an engaging, kid-friendly way.  Each science lesson centers around high quality fiction and nonfiction children’s books.  To learn more about this program and to see samples of the teacher’s manual, go to http://ereader.nsta.org .  Login using the username IdahoFalls and the password “NSTApreview”.  Once logged in, scroll down and select Picture Perfect Science K.

Grades 1-5: Building Blocks of Science 3D by Carolina Biological Supply Company.  

In this program that is aligned to the new Idaho Science Content Standards, students actively investigate real-world phenomena by engaging in hands-on investigations, reading and writing about science, and exploring digital simulations. To view the digital version of the program go to www.carolina.com/bbs3dreview .

Grades 6-8: STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning, Inc. 

Developed at Rice University, this program is aligned to the new Idaho Science Content Standards.  The program uses hands-on investigations, digital simulations, and literature to help students develop explanations of real-world science phenomena.  To learn more about the program, watch this video and go to https://n11060d147375.acceleratelearning.com/login and log in using the username Fallldah (2 lower case l’s and a capital i) and the password, “science”.  Click on the Bundles link at the top of the page to view actual materials.