senior projectBefore they can graduate from high school, Idaho students must complete a senior project. This graduation requirement challenges students to apply everything they have learned in school, plus use real-world skills like time management, organization, communication, collaboration and self-discipline.

In Idaho Falls School District 91, the project has four components:

  • The Project, which relates to the student's post high school plans, extend their learning and challenge their abilities.

  • The Essay, which gives students a chance to reflect on the experience, describe their goals, as well as the skills and knowledge acquired during the project.

  • The Portfolio, which highlights the student's project work and includes time records, research notes and other resources.

  • The Presentation, which allows students to share their project with their mentor, school staff and community members.

Students must successfully complete each component to receive credit and graduate from high school. Students can work on projects during their senior year or during the summer between their junior and senior years.