budgetIdaho Falls School District 91’s primary source of funding comes from the state’s general fund. The money, generated from the state sales tax, is allocated to school districts based on a complicated formula that includes the number of students who attend each school each day. Some of the money districts receive from the state is designated for specific purposes such as classroom technology and cannot be spent on other things like teacher salaries or textbooks.

The district also receives money from the federal government. That money is earmarked for specific programs such as child nutrition or providing services to economically and educationally disadvantaged children, children from migrant families and children with special needs. The money has to be used to support those programs and cannot be used for any other purpose.

In addition, school districts can ask patrons to approve levies or bonds to generate money to pay for things like additional staff and programs to enhance instruction, building maintenance and repairs, school buses or technology. Patrons in Idaho Falls School District 91 have long supported a supplemental levy and a plant facilities levy. In 2012, they also approved a $53 million bond to pay for upgrades to school buildings across the district. Learn more about District 91’s levies.

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Overview:     

School money

The District’s No. 1 budget priority for FY16 was the restoration of compensation for teachers and staff. With the Legislature’s focus on restoring education funding this year, district officials are very pleased they were able to make progress toward that goals.

The FY16 budget includes what amounts to a 3 percent increase in compensation for our teachers. That includes a 2.5 percent increase to base play, plus the restoration of lost days and the return to a 190-day contract. Administrators and classified staff also will see a 2.5 percent increase in base pay and up to three days will be restored where practical. In addition, all full-time employees will be eligible for a one-time payment of at least $100 payable in December.

“Our No. 1 budget priority this year was restoration of lost compensation to our teachers and staff.  Over the last five years, the district was forced to make more than $9 million in budget reductions.”

In all the district received about $1.925 million in additional state funding, and $1.868 will go toward projected increases in salaries and benefits for teachers and staff. See the Budget Overview & Budget Documents for more detailed information about the 2016 budget.